Rejuvaheal Gran Fondo

Prizes:  $400 cash plus prizes

Prizes will be awarded for lowest accumulated time of all segments.  Prizes will also be awarded for KOM's & QOM's of each segment.

Place: Miami FL

Time: Dec 26-31

 Description:  To compete sign up with your email via rejuvaheal.  We will email you the route.  The segments will be made public roughly a week prior to Dec 26th.  

Entire route must be ridden by all riders in order to qualify.  You can ride the entire route as many times as you wish. (i.e. You could ride the whole route on the 26th,27th,28th, and twice on the 29th.)  Your time will be calculated by the sum of all your time in any given day.  

GC Teams of 1-4 people can compete for the best overall time

GC Teams with more than 1 rider the best time of the group will be counted with less than 30 seconds between the slowest and fastest rider of the team.  Team mates name must be listed in form in order to assure the proper winners.

KOM's and QOM's for the segments will only be awarded to the fastest individual and not for the entire team.  


$400 CASH to the fastest GC rider 

Prizes from Bike Lights to Multi Tools for the KOM and QOM winners


  1. No motor assistance of any kind.  You have your teammates for that.  
  2. You can have 1-4 people per team 
  3. Segments will be created in Strava and locked until date of competition
  4. Discrepencies between garmin and wahoos will just be part of the challenge.  Your recorded time on the strava segments will be your official time. 
  5. Submit Time by following and tagging @rejuvaheal_


Rejuvaheal Gran Fondo Route Sign Up - CLICK HERE