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Welcome to Rejuvaheal, your ultimate destination for premium recovery solutions. Our brand is dedicated to providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with cutting-edge products and services designed to optimize performance, accelerate healing, and elevate overall well-being.

Benefits of Recovery

~Muscular Repair and Growth

~Injury Prevention

~Performance Optimization

~Mental Well-being

~Hormonal Balance

~Immune System Support

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Unique Blend of Herbs


Arnica, Pain Relief | Arthritis relief

Camphor- Anti-Inflammation

Capsicum and Menthol- Muscle Recovery


Comfrey- Soothes Skin from Burns | Inflammation | Reduces Swelling

Yarrow- Aids in Healing of Cuts | Natural Astringent

Nettles-  Historically used to reduces arthritis according to The Arthritis Foundation


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  • Instant Relief

    I took magnesium ibuprofen and even valium for my back muscle and it didnt help

    Then I used the Crystal Ice Gel with a massage and it stopped hurting-instantly 

    — Karen Safarik
  • Eczema Relief

    My daughter has suffered from eczema. We’ve tried multiple over-the-counter creams and prescriptions, Then I found Cure All Salve, I have to say this stuff really did wonders for my daughter's eczema and we use it to regularly. Over a month her eczema completely cleared up and we now use it as a preventative cream.

    — Anthony Canon
  • Healing Properties

    I was bitten by a dog that required 10 stitches on my finger. My finger was not healing and required multiple visits to the ER, and not until I started using Cure All Salve did my wound dramatically improved within a week.

    — Tatiana Blades
  • Back Relief

    I threw my back out working and was in so much pain I couldn't work. The Pain was in my lower back and radiated down my right leg. The Crystal Ice Gel gave me the relief I needed to get me back to work and give me a break from the constant pain.

    — Dre Puentes